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About Ebright Travel and Connie Ebright

I was a high school English teacher for 10 years before marriage. Then I stayed at home in Glendale, California and raised our family of four children. I have been married to the same divine man for 50 years. Al is an “old time trial lawyer” who misses doing business with a hand shake instead of a filing in court and is the managing partner in a Los Angeles firm, Carlsmith Ball, the largest Pacific Rim law firm in the world.

I have been a travel agent for 18 years, always specializing in Africa. Shortly after opening my agency I went to Africa with my sisters. There, I fell in love with the place and immediately knew I had found my calling. I realized I had to go back. Africa called my name every day and the only way to satisfy that call was a 23 hour flight from the west coast. Early on I decided that the flight was an initiation into a magic place and that Africa would not be so special if it were like Hawaii and only five hours away. Then it would be ruined by too many tourists. To this day, Africa is truly the place of my heart and I return at least once a year.

CNN News did an interview and picture of me that was on CNN TV News and then printed in newspapers across the US in the Travel Section of Sunday papers. I have reprinted parts of it with copyright permission on my web site. You can read those excerpts on my In The Press section of my website. When Associated Press writes an article on anyone they do careful research with suppliers and others before putting it out in print. They checked out my California Seller of Travel license, my IATA number and other things before contacting me for an interview. Now I am a regular on CNN News, and one of those awful "talking heads" when the topic is travel.

I pride myself on my integrity and my first hand knowledge of Africa. No one can be a specialist on the whole world. More and more agents are specializing in one destination that they know and love. I am a speaker or panelist at conventions when the topic is Agent Specialization.

I work with US suppliers who are members of USTOA, which is the Better Business Bureau of travel. It means they are insured for $1,000,000 to repay clients should they go out of business holding a client deposit. The supplier processes your credit card. I do not. Your money does not pass through my hands, although I have a bank Client Trust Fund in case you want to pay by check.

I also work with direct in Africa suppliers whom I have carefully vetted, know personally and have worked successfully with for many years. They are all bonded, licensed and insured just as I am.

I want to help you experience the real Africa, complete with its quaint traditions, magnificent wildlife and ancient ways. Let me show you the Africa you have always dreamed about, as well as the Africa you could never imagine.

 Types of travel I sell

I sell safaris to Africa in all price ranges from moderate to over the top luxury. I can arrange wholesaler negotiated and consolidators air tickets as well as the most incredible game viewing experience. Cape Town and Africa's wonderful beaches are a favorite of mine to sell. I enjoy selling family and honeymoon safaris.


Why my customers use me to plan their vacations

Customers plan their safari with me because I am an ICTA (Institute of Certified Travel Agents) Africa specialist as well as being certified as a specialist by the South African Tourist Board and the Kenya and Tanzania Tourist Boards. I go to Africa each year to site inspect the hotels, game camps and lodges, guides, rangers, food and quality of the gaming at each reserve.

Places I have been

I have traveled the world but the rest of the world pales in comparison to Africa. I have been many times to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco and Egypt.

My clients tell me they will measure their travel for the rest of their lives by their safari experience.

Africa - Destination Specialist

This is a destination specialist program from The Travel Institute. Agents who pass this course have displayed a superior product knowledge about this destination.

South African - FUNDI Tourism Expert

South African travel experts or "Fundis". They are called Fundis because that word means "expert" in the Nguni languages that are widely spoken in the country. All the Fundis have passed a comprehensive destination specialist course, which means that they have very good, in-depth knowledge of travel and tourism in South Africa.

Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist

Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist or "KATS". All the KATS have passed a comprehensive destination specialist course, which means that they have very good, in-depth knowledge of travel and tourism in Kenya.

Tanzania Authorized Travel Specialist